Another year of Cupid’s means another chance to get in on all that sweet sweet referral credit.

BUT WAIT… PLOT TWIST! We’ve improved the referral system based on feedback from our runners. To show you how much we appreciate your help, we’re giving you even more and we’re putting a little sumthin sumthin in there for everyone that signs up with your link.

Give a friend 25% off, you get $25 towards incentives!

BOOM! So let’s do some math and say you’re eyeing those stylin’ new Sock It To Me socks and undies that can be earned for fundraising $100. You’ve got a few ways to earn them:

  • You can fundraise $100. (easy)
  • You can refer 4 friends. (because $25 credit x 4 = $100… math son!)
  • You can fundraise $50 & refer 2 friends ($50 raised + $50 credit = $100… just call me Dr. MathyMcMaths)
  • … or any other combo!

“Um… so where is my referral link?”

You can find your referral link on your personal fundraising page. Copy the link and bombard your friends.

I know what you’re saying right now. “Holy crap is Cupid really offering me such an easy way to earn incentives and also give my friends an account?” You bet your sweet undies we are.

Time to rally the troops! Head to your fundraising page to find your referral link and start sharing!