How CTF’s Targeted, Collaborative Research is Bringing About a Treatment for NF at Unparalleled Rates

Donating money to cancer research can seem a bit like boiling the ocean.

It’s a big, ominous mass that’s sometimes hard to divide into smaller manageable parts and often leaves donors wondering “what does my money actually do?”

If there’s a benefit to NF being a rare disease, it’s that it can actually be effectively and systematically studied.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is the beneficiary of all of your hard work and fundraising for Cupid Charities. CTF is the premier NF organization, responsible for many of the most prolific breakthroughs in treatment since their creation in 1978.

Thanks to you, CTF is on the verge of a breakthrough in neurofibromatosis treatment:

Salvatore La Rosa, Phd : VP of Research & Development at CTF


CTF has approached research in a completely new way, focusing on cooperative research across multiple disciplineswith great success and superior efficiency. Their very first collaboration resulted in AZD 6244, a new drug for NF with 60 percent of patients showing more than a 20 percent reduction in tumor growth.

Your generous donation is funding powerful research to produce an effective drug at an unprecedented rate.

The FDA is now about to start their regulated trials, and if all goes as planned, the drug will be in registration phase, the last stop before market release, in just another year.  This is a very big dealmost drugs take 15 to 20 years to become available.

CTF is bringing this drug to market at unparalleled speeds. Your dedicated dollars can help it get there.


CTF researchers are working hard to get AZD 6244 through these FDA trials, and your donations are the fuel to bring this drug to the kids who need it.

Your dollars can also help make AZD 6244 even better in the years to come. NF is a complex disease that cannot be be fixed with just one drug, but now that we have AZD 6244 in our arsenal, we are in a better position than ever to conquer NF once and for all. AZD 6244 is a building block, and with more research we can make future drugs even better, and even more effective for a greater number of patients.

With AZD 6244, we are so close to a treatment for NF. Let’s keep running our way to a cure…without pants.