Champion: Aubrey

Aubrey was diagnosed early on with NF2, as there is a fifty percent chance a child will inherit the gene mutation from a carrying parent. Her mother, Katti, is a first-generation carrier as a result of genetic mutation. Today, they try to stay a step ahead of Aubrey’s diagnosis and Katti’s treatment as they travel from Cleveland to Boston to meet and work with doctors who truly understand neurofibromatosis. Most people with NF hear doctors say, ‘Wait, watch and hope,’ but organizations like the Children’s Tumor Foundation are trying to create effective options for those with neurofibromatosis. NF does not get as much attention as other destructive conditions, has no cure and has few treatment options. But we can help change all of that for Aubrey and the million of NF families around the world. See Cupid’s Undie Run Team Aubrey’s Streakers In Sneakers.

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My daughter was diagnosed with NF 1 when she was 5 years old. JJ is now 14. She has had 2 brain tumors removed and they are watching the 3rd. JJ was also diagnosed with epilepsy, ADD, has LD’ s, […]


My sweet 4 year old has NF1. He was diagnosed at 8 months due to the severity of his tibial displacia. Shriners Hospital performed a symes amputation (basically the foot and straightened the leg). He loves his prosthesis. He is […]

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