Champion: Jasper

The story of our hero began when he was just a baby and couldn’t do a lot of things other babies his age could, that and with some physical normalities for someone his size we went our local Children’s hospital and after a bunch of scary tests, and discovery that birthmarks were scientifically called cafe au lait spots, we left with a diagnosis of NF 1. He crawled, walked, and spoke past others and with assistance but we got there. Jasper hasn’t had a typical NF journey so far in that his current struggle is not with Fibromas or Optical Gliomas but more the other side effects of NF. He has serious sensory issues that impact an everyday way of life in the things he eats, listens to and feels, learning issues that are evolving in our first full-time school year and a lack of precious sleep that is needed to function at the correct percentage. Jasper is our hero for the fact with these everyday struggles he is till the most empathetic, loving, comedic little boy you might just ever meet.

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