This is why we run

Meet our nf champions

Tomorrow a family’s world will be turned upside down.

They will learn that their child has a rare genetic disorder they can barely pronounce called neurofibromatosis. Then come MRIs, infinite doctor visits, more tumors than thought possible and *currently* no treatment options besides surgeries and/or brutal rounds of chemo.

We run and fundraise because we believe there is a cure for NF.

Cupid’s Undie Run provides research dollars to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, the premier NF research and treatment organization. We will #EndNF. These are the people we’re fighting for. These are the people we gladly don red undies for in the freezing cold. These are our NF Champions. Is there a champion in your life with NF? Share their story so we can feature them here.

270 Cupid Champions across America

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