Co-Race Director – Atlanta, GA

Favorite Things: Jetpacks, Cookie Monster, Bullhorns

Why do I do Cupids: I grew up in Lilburn, GA and that’s where I met the Leathers clan (Chad Leathers is one of our co-founders and his little brother Drew is the reason we started this whole run). Drew is two years younger than me – we went to the same school, church, and camps – we basically grew up together. In the middle of high school, it became apparent that something was wrong. By the end of his 9th grade year, a full body MRI revealed that Drew had hundreds of tumors throughout his body varying from the size of a pea to softball. It’s then he was diagnosed with NF. There is no cure for NF and there are even fewer treatment options, so knowing this I can’t stand by and just watch NF win – so instead I put on undies, fundraise, and fight to find a cure!